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The Catalyst Scholarship

Application deadline is August 1st for Fall 2020

The Catalyst Scholarship provides financial support to a graduate level student in the School of Business with financial need. This student will demonstrate creativity and application of the curriculum in their workplace. Preferred candidates will have an employer paying less than 50% of their tuition.

Selection Process: Up to two scholarship recipients will be selected annually by members of the faculty and admissions staff for the graduate level programs in the School of Business, in consultation with the Financial Aid Office. Two awards of equal amounts will be awarded annually, with preference for continued awards to the same student, as long as they continue to meet the criteria of the scholarship. The awardees will demonstrate leadership potential through innovative thinking and diversity of thought, with preference for students coming from non‐traditional fields (non‐profit, government, education, or entrepreneur) to pursue their graduate level studies in the School of Business. These students will stand out as applying their knowledge immediately to their current roles. The benefactor has a preference for awarding students who are receiving less than 50% of tuition reimbursement from their employer and are in financial need.

History: This benefactor thrived in the MBA program, benefiting from the electives he was able to take, the schedule he was able to maintain while working full‐time, and the opportunity to apply new knowledge immediately at his workplace. The benefactor would like to anonymously award students who are highly driven, innovative thinkers, who bring a diversification of thought processes to the graduate programs in the School of Business. The benefactor would like to award those that are taking a non‐traditional path to pursue graduate studies in the School of Business, such as working in the non-profit, education, or government sectors, or pursuing graduate studies while pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. The benefactor believes those pursuing master’s level education will have a large societal impact, as these are people who are responsible for leading companies and creating jobs.