Questions, Assignments & Strategies that Motivate Online Adult Learners: An Edgewood Faculty Panel

Location: WebEx

Adult online graduate students often differ from younger learners in terms of their “motivational profiles.”  In other words, what motivates professional adult learners to engage deeply in an online course may be quite different from what motivates younger college students. For example, many younger learners are highly motivated to develop strong relationships with peers in their classroom, but many adults are more highly motivated by assignments that help them network in their own professional communities, or by receiving mentoring from the professor.  Join us for a Brown Bag Webinar to hear experienced Edgewood colleagues discuss what they've learned about instructional approaches that inspire and engage adult graduate students in their online courses. 

When?  Friday, March 5th from Noon-1:00 PM

Who?    Any faculty or staff member who wishes to learn more about this topic!

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