“It Starts at the Cradle”: Faculty Sense Making of Racial/Ethnic Inequality in STEM.

Location: Amy’s WebEx room (https://edgewood.webex.com/meet/aschiebel)

This study examines how postsecondary STEM faculty make sense of the persistent underrepresentation of Black, Indigenous and Latinx students in their disciplines. Interviews were conducted during the summer of 2020, with 45 professors (majority tenured/tenure-track, White, male) in a College of Sciences at a research-intensive, predominantly White institution in the southern U.S. Findings indicate that while 24% of faculty implicate different levels of the racial structure, a majority focus student-level issues, including under-preparation due to poverty. While not incorrect in ascertaining that income level affects access to quality K-12 education and exposure to STEM fields, these limited and incomplete explanations effectively keep faculty from understanding the important roles they could be playing to level the playing field for students of color in their classrooms.

TATIANE RUSSO-TAIT, M.S. (she, her, hers)

Ph.D. Candidate | STEM Education 

The University of Texas at Austin

For more information: https://edgewood.presence.io/event/it-starts-at-the-cradle-faculty-sense-making-of-racial-ethnic-inequality-in-stem

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