Clothesline Project - Sexual Assault Awareness Month Event

Location: Predolin 115A

Join the Violence Prevention Team for a powerful event to acknowledge the prevalence of gender based violence. Click here for more information about the Clothesline Project.

"A group of women on Cape Cod, Massachusetts started The Clothesline Project in 1990 after hearing that while 58,000 soldiers died in the Vietnam War, there were 51,000 women killed around the same time by men who claimed to love them. This statistic motivated the women to create a program that would speak up and reveal the issue of violence against women. Many of the women had personally experienced violence and wanted to find an unprecedented way of educating others on this matter. One of the women, visual artist, Rachel Carey-Harper, thought of hanging color-coded t-shirts on a clothesline in a public place to gain recognition of the issue. It was naturally the thing to do since women were known for doing laundry and exchanging information while their clothes were hanging out to dry." (source:


Following the Clothesline Project event, participants will be provided teal ribbons to tie around trees in the community to symbolize the fight to end gender based violence.


Counselors will be available.

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