EE: Investigations in Social Psychology

Location: PRD 115 A

Gender Roles in Harry Potter Films:  A Content Analysis
Elizabeth Keller, Sydney Roe, Sarah Meffert, Brianna McCann

The Effects of Belief Perseverance on Attitudes toward Gun Control in the Face of Contradictory Evidence
Lamin Ceesay, Noble Freels, Erinn Preston, Tori Wiskow

The Relationship between Smartphone Use and Mental Health in College-Age Participants
Zach Gaines, Alli Gordon, Michelle Walmer, KC Yang

Parenting Norms for Supervising Children and Estimates of Risk
Lauren Cruz, Abbey Horsens, Carly Lewis, Jaime Runde, Vanessa Segura

Does Humor Have an Effect on Stress?
Grace Carpenter

The Use of Humor in Counseling
Maddie Harmening

Effects of Disparagement Humor on Perceptions of Gender and Ethnic Stereotypes
Kim Helm-Quest

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