EE: Poster Session

Location: Anderson Auditorium and PRD Lobby

Attitudes toward Campus Climate and Safe Spaces at Edgewood College
Bret Stalcup, Breanna French, Shaquella Johnson
Mentor: David Lambert

Attitudes toward the Cutting Edge Program and Students with Disabilities
Rachel Bucheger, Caitlynn Suiter
Mentor: David Lambert

Mood and Lexical Tasks
Caitlynn Suiter, Bret Stalcup
Mentor: Ferrinne Spector

An Immersion into Typography
Allison Berryman, Honors Scholarship Project
Mentor: Carrie Firman

Documenta 1: The Reestablishment of Modern Art in Western Germany
Kaitlyn Stielow
Mentor: Shad Wenzlaff

Influences on Quick Judgments of Emotionally Expressive Faces
Bader Batarfi, Enass Almetery, Eric Fredrick
Mentor: Ferrinne Spector

Exploring Art Therapy in Special Education for Young Adults
Patricia Harris
Mentor: Janice Havlena

Validation of a Modified Cellulase Assay
Bailey Eschmann, Matt Keller
Mentor: David Kretchmar

ROSE, Parental Involvement, and College Attainment
Maggie Williams
Mentor: Amy Schiebel

Reading Faces Better: Using Short Term Training to Evaluate Trait Empathy and Micro-expression Trainability
Michael Pflanzer, Bailey Eschmann
Mentor: Ferrinne Spector

Android Based Application for Recognizing Paintings
Pengyu Chen
Mentor: Atreyee Sinha

Student Satisfaction with the General Education Curriculum at Edgewood College
Bailey Eschmann
Mentor: David Lambert

Vulnerability and Sociological Imagination through Digital Storytelling
Annie Bedore
Mentor: Julie Whitaker

The Relationship between the Quality of Academic Advising and the Perception of Academic Outcomes of Saudi College Students
Maryam Awadh
Mentor: Ting Lan Ma

The Effects of PTSD in Veterans on Partners and Family
Marissa Monson, Honors Scholarship Project
Mentor: David Lambert

Effects of BPA in the Expression of Tyrosine Hydroxylase in Exposed Zebrafish
Amitoj Mavi, Honors Scholarship Project, Jayci Miles
Mentor: Brenda Del Moral, Peter Kuhn

The Effects of Substrates and Body of Water on the Functional and Family Diversity of Macroinvertebrates in the St. Croix State Park
Joshua DeGuire, Sarah Wells
Mentors: Mekel Wiederholt Meier, Jerry Kelly, Catherine DeGuire

The Evolution of Legislation Surrounding Effigy Mounds
Kendra Benedict
Mentor: Shad Wenzlaff

Accessible Spaces in Madison: Redefining Accessibility
Nikki Satterlund
Mentor: Shad Wenzlaff

Evaluation of Interdisciplinary Rounds in the Medical Intensive Care Unit
Kathryn Miller
Mentor: Lori Severtson

Simulation in a Local Nurse Assistant Training Program
Kristin Hildebrandt
Mentor: Lori Severtson

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