Jan. Seminar: Conversation in the Classroom

Location: PRD 115 and On Campus
Sponsored by the Edgewood College Collaborative: A Center for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship
Educational research tells us that students learn through social interactions in the classroom, but facilitating classroom conversations can be challenging.
In this workshop, a faculty panel will explore ways to engage students in classroom discussions, and talk about why they feel this is an important pedagogical strategy. Breakout sessions will include the opportunity for you to learn some new discussion techniques. Featured presenters include Amy Schiebel, Fred Harrington,
Sue Pastor & Dana Hagerman, Cabell Gathman & Lisa King, and Jeanne Leep.
9:00 – 9:45 - Each panelist offer brief reflections on the theoretical underpinnings of why discussion is a valuable pedagogical tool. (PREDOLIN 115 A/B)
9:50 – 10:50 – Breakout sessions. Each panelist (or pair) will facilitate a smaller breakout group. Each group will have the opportunity to engage in a particular strategy that the presenter has found to be an effective embodiment of their beliefs about facilitating discussion in the classroom. After the “lesson”, presenters will debrief the strategy with the group, answer questions, brainstorm how this strategy might look in their classrooms, etc.
PRD 122: Feminist Pedagogy and Discussion, Cabell Gathman and Lisa King
PRD 306: Socratic Practices, Fred Harrington
PRD 307: Classroom Discussion and Improv, Jeanne Leep
Nona McGreal: Circle Practice, Sue Pastor and Dana Hagerman
Library Upper Level Conference Room: Questioning Strategies, Amy Schiebel
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