Edgewood Engaged: Poster Session

Location: PRD Lobby, Wingra, PRD 115 A and B
  • From the Degenerate Art Show to Documenta: An Analysis of the
  • Documenta 14 Poster
  • Analysis of a Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using SIFT-Based Technique
  • The Water Chemistry of Springs Downhill of Disturbed Areas
  • The Effect of Soil Composition on Lumbricidae in St. Croix State Park
  • Isolation of Antibiotic-producing Bacteria from Soil Samples
  • Analysis of Sediment from Lake Wingra
  • Protein Analysis of Various Eggs
  • COMAP Mathematics Contest in Modeling
  • Benefits of Utilizing Data Visualization Tools
  • Improving Orientation for Nurse Practitioners
  • System-Wide Campaign to Decrease Readmissions
  • Review of Neonatal Sepsis
  • Nurse Led Group New OB Visits
  • Improving Registered Nurse Team Coordinators’ Understanding and Execution of Patient Centered Medical Home Care Coordination
  • More than a Dorm Room: The Effect of Gender Inclusive Policy in College Residence Halls
  • Family of Origin Influences on Adult Child Romantic Relationships
  • Reading Faces Better: Using Short Term Training to Evaluate Trait
  • Empathy and Micro-expression Trainability
  • The Link between Attachment Styles and Stress: Activation of the Attachment System as a Moderator
  • Drawing Sounds: Translational Features across Domains
  • Audiovisual Associations: The Role of Auditory Stimulus Properties in Predicting Visual Image Choice
  • Isolation of Antibiotic-producing Bacteria from Soil Samples
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