Edgewood Engaged: Investigations in Biology

Location: Sonderegger Science Center
9:00 am, SON 108
The Effects of Agricultural Land-Use Legacies in Successional Forests of Southern Wisconsin
Nicolas Coquard, Olivia De Castro
Mentor: Tim Kuhman
SON 104
Correlations Between Exposure to the Pesticide Rotenone and the Development of Parkinson’s Disease
Bri Roska
Mentors: Brenda del Moral, Peter Kuhn
9:50 am, SON 108
The Potential Rose of Xirp2 in Cardiovascular Disease
Annie Armstrong, Summer Research Project
Mentor: Francie Rowe
SON 104
Effects of Bisphenol A (BPA) on the Dopaminergic System of Zebrafish
Hunter Schultz
Mentors: Brenda del Moral, Peter Kuhn
10:40 am, SON 108
Land Use and Blue-Green Algae Blooms
Grace Kosmatka
Mentors: Jacob Griffin, Francie Rowe
SON 104
The Effect of Prescribed Burn Seasonality and Fire Intensity on Invasive Woody Plants
Nicholas Bargren
Mentor: Tim Kuhman
11:30 am - 12:30 pm, SON LOBBY
Lunch and Poster Session
12:30 pm, SON 108
Generation of Recombinant Bacteriophage Lysin Protein to Control Pathogenic Gram-Positive Bacterial Cell Growth
Jonah Weld, Summer Research Project
Mentors: Kathleen Makielski, Zach Pratt
SON 104
Differentiating Celastrus scandens from Celastrus orbiculatus Using PCR
Tori Wiskow
Mentor: Peter Kuhn
1:20 pm, SON 108
The Increasing Threats of Blue-Green Algae Blooms on Public Health
Sydney Thern, Grace Kosmatka
Mentor: Jake Griffin
SON 104
Neurodegeneration in Brains of Zebrafish Exposed to Environmental Neurotoxins
Alyssa Barnett, Hunter Schultz, Bri Roska, Jenny Kim
Mentors: Brenda del Moral, Peter Kuhn
2:10 pm, SON 108
Effects of Cat and Dog Interactions on Urban Wildlife Admitted to a Wildlife Center in Wisconsin
Makayla Timm
Mentor: Nicole Kime
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