Edgewood College Silian Program

Edgewood College is a Catholic college in the Dominican Tradition, which means:

  • A commitment to teaching in the Dominican intellectual tradition, that places strong emphasis on listening, informed reflection, and engaged dialogue.
  • Actions that reflect appreciation, respect and encouragement in the lifelong search for truth.
  • Engagement in an educational model that reflects a community of learners.
  • Attracting and retaining faculty and staff who encourage the discovery of the joy of learning and making connections.
  • Engagement in the College Mission and a commitment to values of truth, compassion, justice, partnership and community. These values recognize interdependence with one another and with the world, while challenging all to build a community where reflection leads to action.

Edgewood College and the Doctoral program in Leadership focused on institutions of higher education are pleased to announce a new partnership with China. Content is sequenced to impart knowledge and skills for those who seek to lead international institutions of higher education. Research is centered on solving the real world problems associated with leadership in higher education. Students will travel to the United States twice during the program: once at the beginning to work with faculty at Edgewood College and once at the end to defend the dissertation and graduate. The remainder of the program will accomplished through the use of technology and the internet with students remaining in their home country.


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