Pathways to a Purpose: A Strategic Framework


Build an inclusive College where individuals across the rich spectrum of diversity succeed and belong.

Our core value of justice recognizes an education for all is a foundation for living a full human life. Thus, we advance this priority through deliberate recruitment and retention processes as well as educational experiences to develop knowledge, skills and awareness in students from privileged dimensions of diversity. In addition, we must ensure an environment where people are accountable for working effectively across multiple forms of diversity in pursuit of equitable outcomes for students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds.

Recommended Priority Actions:

  • Create an action plan to intentionally diversify faculty, staff, students, and leadership, including increased funding for scholarships, programs, and resources that will attract underrepresented and historically marginalized populations
  • Implement a framework for leadership, coordination, and communication for diversity and inclusion
  • Create metrics (representation, recruitment, promotion/tenure) to ensure accountability among staff, faculty and administration for hiring, retention and promotion of individuals from underrepresented and historically marginalized populations
  • Create a fund to support diversity and inclusion initiatives that campus members can apply to use for research, pilot programs, and professional development
  • Provide resources to support underrepresented and historically marginalized students, staff, and faculty

Diversity Journey

From the hiring of a coordinator for inclusion implementation to the search for a Vice President of Mission, Values & Inclusion, this page outlines the growth and evolution of a diversity program.
Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion
Edgewood College, rooted in the Dominican tradition, engages students within a community of learners committed to building a just and compassionate world. The College educates students for meaningful personal and professional lives of ethical leadership, service, and a lifelong search for truth.

Campus Climate

In the spring of 2019, Edgewood College administered its third Campus Climate Study. The main goal of this study is to better understand how healthy of a "climate" we create and foster.