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The Office of Science Outreach in the Time of COVID-19
The staff of the Office of Science Outreach has been adapting to the new and rapidly changing conditions brought on by the Pandemic.

We know that many of you are looking for ways to help during this COVID-19 Pandemic.  We thank you for your generous support to help us all through this difficult time.  Here at the Office of Science Outreach we are continuing to work on several fronts:

  1. Helping those most vulnerable students to continue to be engaged with academic work and to develop their understanding of science (We are all too aware of the need to keep the science pipeline large and flowing – all the best minds that are interested in science need to be nurtured and encouraged).
  2. Working with families through our community partners to help children have what they need to be ready to learn.
  3. Plan and prepare for the time when we can again be together and engage in STEM learning.  There will be a greater need than ever for quality programing in the informal education sector as schoolteachers work to make up any deficits in basic instruction in the new school year.  We work to help ALL children have access to quality science and engineering learning experiences.

If you share our priorities and would like to support our work, please donate now.  Your contributions will be put towards scholarships, transportation, and materials for those children that cannot otherwise afford to participate in Summer Science Camps and other school year programing.

Thank you for your generosity. 

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