Our Mission

The mission of the Edgewood College Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to assure the highest quality of research involving human participants conducted under the auspices of the college.  Edgewood College is committed to following Federal Regulations for the protection of human research participants. The IRB’s primary function is to ensure protection of human subjects through the review, approval, modification, or disapproval of research applications submitted by faculty, staff, and students.  Any member of the Edgewood College community who is involved in research with human participants must be in compliance, regardless of the project or source of project funding.

IRB Proposal Submission Process 

Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis, in the order that they are received. The Edgewood College IRB utilizes an initial pre-review screening process, during which the IRB Administrator reviews each submission for completeness and compliance. The administrator may ask the investigator to make changes to the submission before being formally reviewed by the IRB. 

Once formal review begins, exempt studies, posing minimal risk to human subjects, take approximately 2 weeks to be processed. Expedited studies take approximately 2-3 weeks to be processed. Studies needing full board review can take up to 4 weeks to be processed. These processing timelines do not include the initial pre-review screening process. These timelines relate to when the IRB is able to initiate formal review of the proposal. The administrator will provide feedback to the PIs regarding any modifications that will be required in preparing the study for IRB approval.  

It is the investigator’s responsibility to plan in advance and allow a sufficient amount of time for submission, review, and approval of the study. The review timeline for IRB proposal approvals can be impacted by many variables and may vary throughout the year. As stated above, proposals that are incomplete or lack details will be returned to the Principal Investigator (PI), further delaying the review and approval process. Proposals of greater complexity or risk will take more time to review. The turnaround time may depend on the volume of submissions received by the IRB office. Additionally, as all IRB reviewers are faculty at Edgewood College, review of proposals submitted during midterms, finals, or during breaks in the academic calendar may be delayed.

Submitting Your Proposal 

Please review all of the IRB Resources provided to the left to assess the readiness of your study documents for review. Edgewood College’s IRB processes research proposals through IRBNet, an online submission tool. To the left you will find a link to IRBNet and all of the resources (training documents to lead you through the process) you will need to submit your proposal. If you are having trouble with the system or would like to schedule a time to meet with an IRB representative to receive training for IRBNet, please email lambert@edgewood.edu or ashleyholland@edgewood.edu

The proposal form and a document with instructions for completing the proposal are provided to the left. We have also provided consent form templates (formal, implied, assent) that we would like all researchers to utilize to help standardize the consent process at Edgewood College.  


The Institutional Review Board is always available to answer any questions investigators may have.

To contact the IRB please use the following information:

Edgewood College IRB
1000 Edgewood College Drive
Madison, WI 53711

David Lambert
David Lambert
Associate Professor, Psychology / IRB Administrator
Ashley Holland
Ashley Holland
Associate Professor, Psychology / IRB Chair