Casey Knight

  • Monday, Jan 9, 2012


Hometown: Benton, Wis.
Academic Interests: Elementary Education, Math Teaching and History Teaching
Year in School:
Recipient of 2010 Dominican Leadership Award.

"Edgewood College has become like a second home to me over the last three years. Coming from a village where the number of cows is greater than the number of people, I was semi-intimidated by the transition to Madison. Edgewood helped to make that easy. It seemed effortless to make friends in the residence halls, professors learned my name quickly and said "hi" when they passed by on campus, and there were many opportunities to get involved both on campus and off.

As far as professors go, Andrew Witt's classes have been among the most memorable, valuable, and enjoyable that I have taken. I have now taken three history courses with Andy and each class has kept me interested the entire semester. His lecture style is infused with humorous comments and personal stories which keeps a subject like history from becoming dull.

The College has also been a community where I have been allowed the opportunity to get involved. Throughout my three years here I have been involved with service groups like the 10,000 Hours Show, academic clubs like the History Club, and faith-based groups through College Ministries. I have not only participated in these organizations but held leadership roles as well. Through the involvement on campus I have built a sense of belonging and realized that I made the right choice by coming here."