Duane Campbell

  • Monday, Jan 9, 2012
Duane Campbell

Duane as 'Percy' in the Regina Theatre's 2010 production of The Miracle Worker.

Milwaukee, WI

Academic Interest:
Theatre Arts with an emphasis on Theatre for Youth, Acting and Directing


"I love theatre and I realized it here when I started taking classes and I didn't want to leave. Four people have really had an influence on me Jeanne Leep (Theatre Arts), Pearl Leonard-Rock (Center for Diversity and Inclusion), Susan Nanning-Sorenson (Theatre Arts), and Stephanie Graham (Student Resource Center). Those four are so amazing; they taught me so much in such a short time. I've never really had people believe in what my dream was, or believe in who I was as a person. Now I'm in a happy place and kind-of stressed but that's just school. Those four people I thank for believing in me and pushing me to do better."

"Since freshman year, I've grown with confidence. I think I learned a lot and I feel like when I graduate I know I'm going to be a well-rounded adult.

I see myself going to graduate school for sure. I don't know where and when I'm going to grad school but I know I'm going to grad school. I see myself as being a professor like Jeanne Leep - pushing students to do well and such. That's what I want: to have students have that ‘something' click in their heads. That's just so rewarding for me.

I think that's what makes you a good teacher. If you push your students and make sure that they know they are still loved, and if they make a mistake it's fine. Just keep on trying. That's what you're supposed to do."