Keith Cornille, Ed.D.

  • Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012

Edgewood College Faculty

Sun Prairie, WI

Doctoral Dissertation:
" The Impact of Late Registration on Academic Success and Persistence of Students at a Community and Technical College."

Vice President, Student Development, Madison College

Dissertation of the Year Award, announced at the National Council for Student Development Annual Conference, October 2010, Little Rock, Arkansas

Mr. Corneille wrote his professors in the Educational Leadership program a quick email, just after being recognized with this honor.

" To be honest I never thought that my work was that good, though you all appeared to like my work. And now this! So I guess it was more than just a paper to get my degree (smile and a wink).'

There was a time in my early twenties when I thought the rest of my days would be working in the bus garage as a mechanic. Today, I have a doctorate and then this honor. Life sure is funny.

I want you all to know that this is your honor, not mine, as you all made this possible. For if it was not for you all and Dean P. (Dean Pribbenow, Dean of the School of Integrative Studies) I wouldn't be where I am tonight. You all helped a simple mechanic become a doctor - so thank you.

Please note that I am copying Dr. Carey and although he may not know me or my work, I want him to know just how much your efforts are appreciated. I can never thank you all enough.