Lisa Smith

  • Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012
Lisa Smith

Meet Lisa J. Smith from Madison, a 2010 graduate of the Edgewood College MBA program. Her story shows that a little determination and a strong desire to be a lifelong learner will help anyone achieve their dream.

"I was working full time as an Interior Designer when I quit cold turkey to go back to school.

I have always wanted to obtain my MBA so that I could better understand the challenges that managers face in the business world. As a trained designer I spent time with my clients discussing their business and often capital investments in projects totaling millions of dollars, but never really understood their perspective. I wanted to change that. I also love strategy, in particular Brand Strategy and I could not pursue a career in that field as a Designer. Only an MBA would do that for me. I chose Edgewood College because it was small, challenging, had a diverse student population and face time with all the professors.

I had a supportive family that helped pick up the slack when I could not. I have always been a working mother, so I understood time management. It was about doing the best I could do and accepting that was all I could do. I made time to blow off steam and enjoy time off. That helped a lot.

Going back to school was a difficult transition at first. I was an older student than most, but I did not let that stop me. I treated my age difference as someone with more experience. It was stimulating to be exposed to all of the things around me I didn't understand. It's thrilling at times to unlock the language of business. I'm very proud of myself for seeing it through and graduating. I wanted to be a role model for my son who maybe someday will want to go back to school. I want to continue to be a lifelong learner.

I was able to transition into a marketing career fairly seamlessly. Recently, as of Jan 2011, I started a new position as a Senior Account Executive for Lindsay Stone and Briggs. This is my dream job with my dream firm so I am over the moon! I would do it all again in a heartbeat!"