Sara Myers

  • Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012
Sara Myers Hometown:
Sparta, WI

BS - Business with concentrations in Marketing and Management, Masters in Business Administration

Owner/founder of the Sewcial Lounge

“After college, I started working at CUNA Mutual Group. I had a good time there, I learned a lot, had some great mentors, but just felt like insurance and financial services was not for me. So I left after working there for five years, and took a leap of faith hoping that I would figure out what I wanted to do. I worked on the United Way Campaign last fall and then worked full-time at the Girl Scouts. While I was there I decided I really wanted to try to open my own business.

“I always say the greatest thing I learned at college was working with other people because that’s not easy. In school we did a lot of collaborating because I think they know that’s what you do in the real world. They were constantly putting you together and I think that really helped me.

“I did sew as a hobby but I worked a lot so I found that I really didn’t have time for hobbies. The things you want to do get put aside. There are a million reasons why I opened the shop but a lot of it has to do with this concept resonating with markets similar to Madison around the country. I really felt because I love fabric and love sewing it was something we could offer here. I hope other people get into it as a hobby. They don’t have to make anything extravagant; even if they only learn how to sew pillow covers that’s good enough for me.”

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