Shae Beckwith

  • Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012
Shae Beckwith receives award

Ms. Beckwith with President Dan Carey at this year's Dominican Honors Convocation

East Troy, WI


Double-major, Business and Graphic Design

Honored with 2011 Dominican Leadership Award, two-sport student athlete, internship last summer at Mattel, Inc. corporate headquarters, El Segundo, California

Shae Beckwith is a senior with majors in Business/Marketing and Graphic Design. She's active on campus, volunteers her time in the community, and participates in the women's basketball program, and the women's tennis team. She is the Treasurer of Delta Mu Delta (International Honor Society in Business Administration), a member of the Edgewood College Honors Program, and has been on the Academic Dean's List every semester of her career at the College.

Her recent internship has made a significant impact on where her career may take her: "The entire intern program participated in a group project in which we (in groups of 5-6) were exposed to the process in which the creative teams of Mattel engage every day. From rough concept review to concept approval to executive approval, we created a product that Mattel could produce from start to finish with the final presentation being made to an auditorium full of our peers and senior management of the company including C.E.O. Bob Eckert.

It took an immense amount of teamwork and cooperation to speed through what is a 6- to 9-month process in real world time in less than 4 weeks. My team elected me as our team leader and we stayed organized and were able to give a crowd-pleasing presentation in the end while dealing with a number of roadblocks along the way. I was very proud that my team chose me to lead them. Beyond the group project, I was part of the Disney Package Design team and learned more than I could have ever possibly learned from a book. I had a great team and an even greater overall experience at Mattel through which I have become a more confident, prepared businessperson."