Stacie Pinzl

  • Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012

Stacie Pinzl

Year: Senior
Major: BioChemistry

Notable: The Jenzabar Foundation recognizes student-led campus groups and projects that have make a significant contribution to better the world outside of their institutions of higher education. Officials with the Foundation recognized Ms. Pinzl, and the College's AmeriCorps (M3C) program, for " critical leadership and coordination of a central campus volunteer program that provides after-school support to children in one of Madison's largest homeless shelters.The award, conferred by the Jenzabar Foundation, carries with it a $5,000 grant. Ms. Pinzl travelled to Washington, D.C. and, accompanied by President Dan Carey, accepted the award on behalf of the College.

She was interviewed by the Foundation, and a portion of that interview appears here by permission. For more information, please visit

Stacie Pinzl receives Student Leadership Award

Stacie Pinzl receives the 2009 Student Leadership Award in Washington, D.C. With her is (l to r) is Bob Maginn, Chairman of The Jenzabar Foundation and CEO of Jenzabar, Inc., John Beahm, Executive Director of The Jenzabar Foundation, and Edgewood College President Dan Carey.

The Jenzabar Foundation: This past year you single handedly organized a group of Edgewood College student volunteers to provide after-school support for one of Madison, Wisconsin's largest homeless shelters. What advice do you have on how to successfully coordinate a campus volunteer program as successfully as you did?

" Awareness is the biggest key to develop a functioning volunteer program. When I originally was given the position to organize this group it was on the verge of dying out. After talking with a few friends, I asked them about the program and if they had heard about it. The majority of students said that they hadn't heard of it, but were interested in maybe going once to try it out. It was then that I knew the issue. There was interest - it just wasn't known campus wide. I immediately started sending out emails and putting up posters in the most eye catching places. Within a week, I had received emails from about 20 interested students. I kept them on a separate email group which I would then send reminder-emails to them. Also I kept encouraging them to bring friends along