College Recognizes Outstanding Students at Honors Convocation

  • Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Edgewood College recently recognized fifteen undergraduate students for their outstanding achievement both in and out of the classroom at the annual Dominican Honors Convocation.

Each year the College confers the Dominican Heritage awards, the Dominican Justice award, the Dominican Leadership award, and the Dominican Scholar award. The honors recognize emerging campus leaders, those with a demonstrated commitment to social justice both on campus and in the Greater Madison community, and those who have made a significant academic contribution to the College, either through research or interdisciplinary applications.

“At Edgewood College, we educate students for meaningful personal and professional lives,” Executive Vice President Scott Flanagan said. “These students – freshmen and sophomores as well as graduating seniors – are not simply preparing for some point in the future, however. They’re demonstrating the connection between learning in the classroom and how that learning compels them to take action, today, to make our communities and our world a better place.”

Dominican Heritage Award honorees for 2012 are Suzie Chang, a sophomore Sociology major, and Stephanie Munoz, a junior Sociology major.

Dominican Justice Award honorees are Sarah Baebler, a junior Elementary Education;  Fatima Segura Ibarra, a sophomore Nursing major; Marcia Morales, a senior Sociology major; Kimberly Ross, a senior Communication Studies and Spanish double-major; and Kathleen Wendt, a senior Criminal Justice major.

Dominican Leadership Award honorees are Mary Paige (“M.P.”) Bausch, a senior Religious Studies major; Michael Mattice, a junior majoring in Philosophy; Akouvi Nofodji, a senior Criminal Justice and French double-major; Katri Olsen, a junior Business major; and Robyn Rauman, a senior Psychology major.

Dominican Scholarship Award honorees are Mark Bratz, a senior Chemistry and Biology double-major; Katheryn Mente, a senior Psychology major; and Patrick Meuer, a senior Broad Field Social Studies major.