College Remembers Sally Ride

  • Tuesday, Jul 24, 2012
Sally Ride Speaking at Sonderegger Opening
Sally Ride, first U.S. female astronaut in space, delivers the keynote address at the dedication of the Sonderegger Science Center at Edgewood College, May 15, 1999. Buck Miller photo.

Astronaut Helped Dedicate Sonderegger Science Center

Edgewood College today joins in the remembrance of Sally Ride, the first U.S. female astronaut to fly in space.  Ms. Ride passed away yesterday at the age of sixty-one.

Sally Ride was the special guest speaker on Saturday, May 15, 1999, at the dedication of the Sonderegger Science Center, a classroom and lab facility that is shared by the College, Edgewood High School, and the Campus School.

“Let me remind you that what’s still most important, as every teacher here will recognize, is to excite the imaginations of students with a novel idea or a fresh way of looking at something,” she said that day as she concluded her remarks. “In the final analysis, whether you are designing a mission to Mars, or whether you are trying to decode DNA, or even whether you are trying to formulate a brilliant business plan, there’s a very simple formula for success; and that is to enrich a motivated young mind, and then anything is possible.”