Students Set Vigil for Those ‘Dying to Cross’

  • Thursday, Oct 25, 2012

(October 25, 2012) – ‘Dying to Cross’ is a visual tribute on the Edgewood College campus commemorating the 177 men and women who died in pursuit of their American Dream. ‘Dying to Cross’ remembers those who fell victim last year to the Sonoran Desert in their effort to cross the United States-Mexico border. Students on campus, many of who participate in ALAS, the Association of Latino and Latina Students, are marking the tribute by placing 177 crosses in the ground throughout the campus. The crosses will bear the names and ages of those who died.

This visual representation will go up on campus Sunday, October 28.

A remembrance ceremony is scheduled for 6:30 pm, Thursday November 8. This will be followed by the film ‘De Nadie,’ which explores the issues surrounding border crossings. The film will be shown in Anderson Auditorium.

‘Dying to Cross’ is a project that’s close to the heart of Ariana Silva, a sophomore from Madison. It’s not a class project, she says. It goes much deeper.

“My whole family immigrated,” Silva says. “More than anything I want to bring awareness to the fact that people are dying in their desire to achieve their American dream. I want us to move past what is too often a partisan issue, to see that this is a human issue. I’m 19. Most of us on campus are around the same age. When you see the name of another, and see that she’s the same age, and think of how she died trying to reach this country, that’s a very powerful message.”