Students Present Papers at National Conference at Argonne National Laboratory

  • Friday, Jan 18, 2013

Back row (l. to r.) Kate Schuelke (Chemistry), Lukas Duddleston (Biology and Chemistry), Dr. Louise Stracener (faculty, Chemistry), Jennah DeVoll (Chemistry), Whitney Thiel (Biology), Jessica Hegge (Natural Science, and Mathematics/Pre-Engineering).
Front row (l. to r.) Rob Saphner (Chemistry), Jason Pekul (Biology and Chemistry), Laura Sweeney (Chemistry), Allison Macia ‘13 (Chemistry), Karl Flanagan (Chemistry), Kelsey Bysted (Biology), Josh Bauernfeind (Chemistry)

During the Fall 2012 semester, Dr. Louise Stracener and Dr. Dan Olson of the Department of Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics traveled along with eleven students to the Argonne National Laboratory. Argonne National Laboratory, located just outside of Chicago, is one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s largest national laboratories for scientific and engineering research. The Edgewood College contingent attended the 22nd symposium of Undergraduates in Science, Engineering and Mathematics. The symposium is presented in collaboration with The Central States Universities, Incorporated (CSUI) Research Conference. 

Three of the students presented papers. Jason Pekul, a double-major in Biology and Chemistry, gave a paper on an XRF study of tree ring samples from the ‘Weber Oak,’ located on campus. The purpose of the study, “Analysis of EDXRF as an Analytical Method for Dendrochemostratigraphy,” was to look at the applicability of using XRF as a technique to examine changes in tree ring chemistry over time.  All the data for the study was obtained using the Bruker S-2 Picofox XRF instrument. TArgonne Labhis instrument was obtained for the College through a grant from the Henry J. Predolin Foundation.  

Karl C. Flanagan, a senior majoring in Chemistry, and Allison K. Macia, who graduated in December with a B.S. in Chemistry, presented their paper, “Computational Investigations of Substituted Tetraphenylethylenes: Molecular Geometry and the Captodative Effect.” Ms. Macia recently began the next steps in her career working at PPD in Middleton, Wis., where she is employed as a Chemist.