Student Profile: Senior Business Major Nick Walusayi

  • Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013
Nick Walusayi

Nick Walusayi

Major: Business

Hometown: Milwaukee

Notable: After graduation in May 2013, begins paid internship with Milwaukee Brewers. Coordinated and launched ‘Future Stars Camp’ for Boys and Girls Club of Madison.

A transfer student, Nick Walusayi came to Edgewood College with the idea to play for the Eagles men’s basketball team as part of his experience. Life took a different turn, but his business savvy, Madison basketball connections, and community service never wavered.

“The reason I wanted to put on the ‘Future Stars’ Camp stemmed from my experience working with Nike last summer.  From all of the memorable experiences I had in New York, what stayed with me was the memory of the kids from the local Boys and Girls Club we worked with multiple times a week. The kids looked up to us and always showed up excited and enthusiastic to be at our court.  We created friendships with these kids and the gratitude they showed us was life-changing.”

“When I returned to Madison in the fall, I wanted to do something for the kids here. I mentioned that to (Assistant Professor of Management, School of Business) Amy Gannon.  Professor Gannon helped me develop the concept of a basketball camp for the children at the Boys and Girls Club here in Madison.  She also taught me the necessary steps involved to make it happen.  My good friends from the UW-Madison basketball team volunteered to be coaches at the camp which added to the quality of lessons.”

“The kids were star struck seeing the basketball team and were extremely excited to be there. One image I will never forget was a young man who is completely deaf who came to the camp.  The director at the Boys and Girls Club asked me if he should participate and I said ‘absolutely.’  I walked through all the drills motioning to him how to execute them, which he picked up on very quickly.  I joined him on the bench when the games began and subbed him in by giving him a ‘thumbs up’ for directions.  He checked in the game nervous but proceeded to play; then after a couple minutes of play time, a miracle happened.  He read a pass perfectly and made a steal while the entire gym watched, amazed.  He finished the play with a layup and immediately the gym erupted.  Even if he couldn’t hear us, he felt the energy in the gym and raised his hands in the air with triumph!  I ran over and jumped on him along with a couple other coaches after the game.”

“There are areas of Madison people forget about, and when you bring them to the spotlight you have an opportunity to change lives. Those kids will always remember that camp, whether it’s their experience playing, talking with the UW basketball team, or making that layup. We were able to show those kids that Madison does care about them.  I’m grateful to have met every one of those kids, because as much as we impacted their lives, they impacted ours.”