College Recognizes Outstanding Students at Dominican Honors Convocation

  • Wednesday, Apr 24, 2013

Madison, Wis. (April 24, 2013) – Edgewood College recently recognized twenty undergraduate students for their outstanding achievement both in and out of the classroom at the annual Dominican Honors Convocation, held April 15, 2013.

Each year the College confers the Dominican Heritage award, the Dominican Justice award, the Dominican Leadership award, and the Dominican Scholar award. The honors recognize emerging campus leaders, those with a demonstrated commitment to social justice both on campus and in the Greater Madison community, and those who have made a significant academic contribution to the College, either through research or interdisciplinary applications.

“Through your educational experiences in and out of the classroom, you’ve demonstrated a commitment to learning,” Executive Vice President Scott Flanagan said during his remarks at the ceremony. “And through your actions, so clearly connected with what you believe and what you’ve learned, you exemplify Edgewood College at its best.”

Dominican Heritage Award honorees for 2013 are Coltan Bratland, a sophomore Communication Studies major, Nick Hefty, a sophomore, Jessica Monnin, a sophomore majoring in Business,  Jacob Overman, a sophomore majoring in Mathematics, and Kelsey Smith, a freshman majoring in Elementary Education.

Dominican Justice Award honorees are Juniper Arthurs, a sophomore majoring in Nursing, Carly Blank, a junior majoring in Criminal Justice, Lorena Guimarens, a senior majoring in Art Therapy, Ashley Staley, a junior majoring in Sociology, and Emma Staudenmaier, a junior majoring in Art Therapy.

Dominican Leadership Award honorees are Karl Flanagan, a senior majoring in Chemistry, Heidi Lindroth, a senior majoring in Nursing, Melinda Risseeuw, a junior majoring in Mathematics Teaching, Lindsey Swansby, a junior majoring in Elementary Education, and Lynn Zabel, a senior majoring in Broad Field Social Studies.

Dominican Scholarship Award honorees are Samantha Dunne, a senior with a double-major in Studio Art and Global Culture, Katie Ginsberg, a senior with a double-major in French and History, Lisa Hagemann, a senior majoring in Elementary Education, Laura Schoff, a senior majoring in Art Therapy, and Jake Zadra, a senior majoring in History.