Student Profile - Kaia Stofflet

  • Friday, Dec 13, 2013

Kaia Stofflet

Kaia Stofflet
The junior English major brings the stage to life with sounds, and with her own music

From a young age Kaia Stofflet has enjoyed the wonderful world of music and theatre. She started playing the piano at the age of three, and says she's always had a feeling of belonging when it comes to music. Her parents encouraged her to try all sorts of activities but it was in theatre and sound that she knew she would someday excel. She recalls listening to classical music as she fell asleep at night. As a DeForest, Wis. native, she attended Madison Symphony Orchestra concerts with her family. Her childhood was filled with music, and band and choir helped shape her school years.

Kaia started writing music when she was in middle school. She felt it was the best way to express herself. “It is easier for me to explain and understand my emotions or thoughts through song, and hopefully through that I will reach somebody else,” she says.

It is easy to tell that she definitely reaches somebody else with her brilliance in sound. Kaia was chosen to work on sound design for “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” the latest production in The Black Box Theatre.

“Any of the sounds you hear during the production were chosen or created by me,” she says. For the junior English major, it was a beautiful challenge.

“I basically made a really long playlist of songs that I felt matched the theme, lyrically or emotionally,” she says. She worked closely with the director and others on the “tech” crew, designing everything that is heard during the course of the performance.

The Department of Theatre Arts gave a lot of freedom to Kaia, as it does with other students. She added her own compositions to the performance. “It’s something new to me to have other people singing my songs,” she says, beaming. “I think this is cool because we get a lot of experience that a bigger school couldn’t offer.”

She says the time spent working on the sound design, the research, the writing, and running the musical rehearsals with the cast is well worth it. Admittedly not very “tech-savvy,” she can now say she’s experienced running a sound board during live productions – an experience she’ll have for wherever the future takes her.

After her sound debut for this production Kaia hopes to take her English major into a career that involves writing, especially on the creative side. She has dreams of composing music for theatre or film and will continue to perform as a solo singer-songwriter. She is excited for her sound to be heard by the audience, but reserves special praise for those on stage: “The cast did a great job bringing it all to life!”