Work in Progress - April 22, 2015

  • Wednesday, Apr 22, 2015

College Assembly Recap

Thanks to those of you who made time to attend the final Assembly meeting for 2015. For those of you unable to attend, a video of the session is now online.  (And the recent date of that meeting and the existence of that video contributes to a shorter-than-usual WIP.)

I won’t attempt to recap everything discussed, but will give a brief update about two topics of interest to all faculty and staff:

  • Operating budget for 2015-16. I will be convening a subcommittee of Planning & Budget Committee, along with a member of Deans’ Council, to provide leadership for distribution of the $25,000 in operating budget. This group will also monitor progress toward enrollment and net tuition goals this summer.
  • College Assembly meetings will be scheduled at 4 pm on the 2nd Monday of the month (not every month), with social events held those months when there is no Assembly. While not perfect, this time reflects the closest to a clear time for all faculty, and with sufficient notice most staff should be able to accommodate a slight schedule shift.

National Recognition

Each year, Ruffalo Noel-Levitz (an enrollment management and communications consulting firm) recognizes a small number of colleges and universities in the United States and Canada for exemplary work in a number of areas, including recruitment and retention. From their website: “These award-winning programs serve as models of retention excellence and offer other institutional leaders opportunities to emulate these programs on their own campuses.”

Last week, I received word that Edgewood College is one of only three colleges chosen to receive the 2015 Lee Noel-Randi Levitz Retention Excellence Award!

This award provides recognition for the great work that has been done for many years to improve the quality of the student experience. We were confident that if we did that our retention, graduation, and student success rates would follow…which is exactly what has happened. Special thanks go to Vice President for Student Development Maggie Balistreri-Clarke, who has led our retention efforts for the past decade, and to all of you who have contributed to developing and carrying out plans to deliver on our promise to students.  Student success is a topic for which we all share responsibility—we must all work at building an environment where it can happen, and we can all take great pride in this recognition for our efforts!

VPSD Search Update

The Vice President for Student Development search is moving along nicely. The Search Committee is in the process of reviewing qualified applicants pre-screened by our search consultants, and is meeting this week to identify candidates to take the next step. That will be followed by telephone interviews in late April and invitations for finalists to come to campus in early/mid-May. Please look forward to announcements in early May about the next steps in the process.


Board of Trustees Calendar

Our Board of Trustees is entering its last round of committee meetings, culminating in a May 7 day-long trip to the Sinsinawa Mound. During the course of this year, we’ve tried to make Board meetings more engaging—sharing relevant information and giving our Trustees, a talented and committed group, the opportunity to weigh in on the key issues the College is facing. During the May 7 meeting, Trustees will have the opportunity to build a greater sense of community amongst themselves and learn more about our heritage and identity. In addition, we will be conducting a business meeting which will include a discussion of potential changes to the role of the Sinsinawa Dominican corporate board and the College’s Board of Trustees in response to the declining number of sisters. Barbara Dannhausen, O.P. has been leading the Sinsinawa Dominicans in this effort.

Your Presence is a Gift…

I shared at College Assembly a compiled list of events between now and the end of the school year which you can find on the College Calendar. I am always amazed how closely students notice what we attend—I have had student-athletes, musicians, actors/actresses, etc. tell me as they are preparing to graduate that they remember seeing me at a game/concert/play/research presentation/etc. years ago…their memory is remarkable! With that in mind, please to try to get to those events that fit well on your calendar—you’ll have a great time, and it will mean more to our students than you can possibly imagine.