Construction Update - Late August 2015

  • Monday, Aug 31, 2015

What's New?

Edgewood College has started class and students are back on campus. The addition to Regina Hall is starting to take shape. Crews spent one week installing structural steel and followed that with setting all the pre-cast the following week. Under-floor plumbing has been finished, and crews will roll and pour slab-on-grey this coming week.

The Past Weeks

Mobilized new crane on site Installed all pre-cast.

Installed all structural steel in basement.

Finished under-floor plumbing.

Masons built up block wall on south end.

In the Weeks Ahead

Slab-on-grey pour.

Concrete topping on first floor.

Finish block walls.

Set wall panels.

Did you know? On September 14, 1927 Edgewood Junior College officially opens with an enrollment of twelve women -­ nine boarders and three day students. Five more day students join them in the second semester. In 1946 enrollment reaches 100. By the year 1950, students number 140 and overcrowding becomes a problem.  Mother Samuel announces her intent to see a separate building eventually built for the women's college.