Construction Update - Late November 2015

  • Tuesday, Dec 1, 2015

What’s New

Crews continue to make great progress even as winter weather approaches. Carpenters have been installing blocking for case work in the lower level of the building. All the fascia, plywood, metal decking, and roof shingles have been installed on the roof. This only leaves exterior brick and windows for to be completed before the building is completely enclosed and ready for interior work. While working on enclosing the building, work on drywall and interior framing will begin.






The Past Weeks

  • Finished installation of roof shingles
  • Began installation of windows
  • Continued to lay exterior brick walls


The Weeks Ahead

  • Finish work on exterior brick walls
  • Continue installation of windows
  • Begin framing interior walls
  • Install drywall roofing