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“You Name it, it's All Amazing.”

  • Friday, Dec 4, 2015

Sam Wendt on hikeStudying in Eastern Europe has been an extraordinary experience for senior Sam Wendt.  After leaving Wisconsin in late September, she landed in Warsaw, Poland to teach English, before beginning classes at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. 

“Teaching English was far more exhausting than I expected, but did not deter me from gaining invaluable experience,” Wendt says. “It makes you question your English, and if you are even doing it right. The program itself was organized down to the ‘T,’ and they fed us like you cannot even imagine, which makes sense because the best conversations happened at the dinner table.”Sam wendt in store in Czech Republic

Despite some initial travel hiccups getting from Poland to the Czech Republic, Wendt has settled nicely in Brno, a city of just under 400,000.  Despite a student population of 38,000, most of her classes at Masaryk University are of similar size to those at Edgewood College.  In addition to her coursework, Sam is also working part time at Masaryk’s Career Center, writing articles and proofreading resumes and cover letters. 

“I would say the most rewarding part of studying abroad in Czech Republic is the amount of other nationalities that study here. Masaryk has hundreds of international students, so not only can you get to know the locals but people from everywhere else imaginable.”

Outside of the classroom, Sam has done some hiking in the nearby mountains, and explored other areas of the country.

“I do a lot of local hikes, there is a group that hikes every Sunday, so I normally do that. I also did a 4 day hike in Northern Czech Republic.”

Wendt, a senior Business major, has had a busy year. She completed an internship with a women’s shelter in Manitowoc over the summer and now enjoying her global learning experience. A busy year for which she is grateful.

“Overall, my largest takeaway is the enjoyment I get from conversing with people all over the world. It's interesting to hear their way of life, their cuisine, life, culture…you name it, it's all amazing.”

More information about the exchange program with Masaryk University and other study abroad opportunities is available online