Construction Update - January 2016

  • Friday, Jan 15, 2016

What’s New?

Work on the New Residence Hall continues into the new year, with great progress made. Drywall work on the first floor continues, while “taping” of the new drywall is completed on the lower level.

Electrical “rough-ins” have been completed on the lower level, and the first and second floors. Electricians have now moved to the third floor to complete that step.

Both staircases have been installed, and have been finished in concrete.

Work on plumbing and HVAC on the first floor is near completion, with attention now turned to the second and third floors in the weeks to come.


The Past Weeks

  • Finished stairs
  • Completed insulation work on lower, first and second levels
  • Drywall completed in lower level
  • Began installing exterior fascia and soffit


The Weeks Ahead

  • Complete drywall on second and third levels
  • Begin painting in lower level
  • Continue work on plumbing and HVAC on second and third levels