‘Dying to Cross’ at Edgewood College

  • Monday, Oct 24, 2016

Madison, Wis. (October 24, 2016) – ‘Dying to Cross’ is a visual tribute on the Edgewood College campus commemorating the people who died in pursuit of their American Dream. It commemorates those who fell victim in the past year in the Sonoran Desert in their effort to cross the United States-Mexico border.

Students on campus, many of who participate in AL@S, the Association of Latino and Latina Students, mark the tribute by placing crosses in the ground throughout campus. The crosses bear the names of those who died. More than one hundred crosses are displayed on campus, and will remain through early November.

“To me, Dying to Cross is a time when we pay respect to those who have sacrificed everything to pursue a better life and unfortunately their journey and life ended too soon,” Anna Montes, a senior Education major said. “This is especially important to me as a daughter of immigrant parents, as I can relate to these sacrifices and dangers that they went through. Hearing my parents’ stories reminds me why it is important that we are all aware of these issues and continue to honor the forgotten stories of many immigrant families.”