New Courses in Sustainability Offered as Professional Development

  • Wednesday, Aug 8, 2018

Madison, Wis. (August 8, 2018) – Greater Madison is invited to explore three new courses offered this fall as professional development opportunities by the Social Innovation and Sustainability program at Edgewood College.

Servant Leadership for Social Innovation will examine the ideal of “wellbeing for all, forever” at the intersection of servant leadership and social innovation. In Introduction to Mindful Leadership, students will explore mindfulness practices aimed at cultivating their innate qualities of awareness, focus, authenticity and compassion, qualities that enhance our ability as leaders to create safe and trusting environments. Engaging Emergence examines creating space for intentional, grounded, and collaborative learning. Emergence is a process of connecting with one’s own inner resources and gifts, and tapping into the collective intelligence and wisdom of a group.

All three opportunities are offered either in the evenings or on Saturdays this fall. All require a nominal fee and may also be taken for graduate credit. For complete course descriptions, including schedules and costs, please visit and select ‘Continuing Education.’