Welcoming Admitted Students to Edgewood College, Madison

  • Wednesday, Feb 20, 2019

Admitted Student Day
Edgewood College welcomed more than 50 admitted students and their families for the first of three ‘All Access Edgewood College’ days on campus. The events are designed to give students a taste of life on campus – both in and out of the classroom. Despite the challenges of a particularly difficult Wisconsin winter, nearly all who registered to attend enjoyed a very full morning.

Students had an opportunity to attend classes, selected in a ‘draft-style’ format, as well as classes in their anticipated academic track for those who have a good idea of what courses they’d like to pursue.

After lunch, students enjoyed the student activity ‘expo,’ which offers a glimpse of student organizations and activities that may be on their horizon.  The day closes with tours of the freshman residence halls, and for some, auditions for talent scholarships that are offered for Music, Theatre, Arts, Foreign Language, and Writing.

“These are great opportunities for students and their families to get answers to their questions, and get a greater sense of the personal qualities of an Edgewood College experience,” Derek Johnson, Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions, said. “Some of these young people today know they will attend here in the fall; many are still actively exploring. ‘All Access’ gives students a sense of one of the best college towns in the country – a place where they will enjoy the opportunity to learn beyond campus—through internships, research, and much more – in a diverse and vibrant city.”

The next ‘All Access’ Admitted Student Day is Wednesday, March 13, 2019.