Men's and Women's Lacrosse Added for 2020-'21

  • Tuesday, Jul 2, 2019
Madison, Wis. (July 2, 2019) -  In what has already been an exciting summer for the Athletics Department at Edgewood College, the Eagles added to that excitement with the addition of two more sports, announced Today. Edgewood College will be add both Men's and Women's Lacrosse to their varsity sports lineup, beginning during the 2020-21 academic year.
"Edgewood College adding Lacrosse is going to be a lot of fun," Al Brisack, Eagles Director of Athletics, said. "Over the years, I've watched the sport grow in the Madison region.  Now, we get to be a part of that growth.  Our new coaches will have the tremendous responsibility of being 'flag-bearer's' for the sport – supporting the youth organizations and setting the example for aspiring Lacrosse players and coaches.  It is a tremendous opportunity to be first in this area!"
Lacrosse is a rapidly growing sport in the Division III collegiate sports landscape, as well as in the Madison area, and Edgewood College is proud to be a part of that growth. The addition of both a men's and women's program, along with the recent addition of Men's Volleyball, brings the Eagles varsity sport count to 20.
"Lacrosse in the Madison area is still in its adolescent stage and this is a very positive step for the growth of the sport," Mike Reiter, head coach of the Waunakee High School Boy's Lacrosse team, said. "Adding a new collegiate program in the area will help with the stability, credibility, and integrity of growing Lacrosse in the Madison area."
While the sport is in its early stages locally, the area has already seen its fair share of success at the high school level. In 2018, Verona and Waunakee met in the state championship game on the boy's side. Reiter, who led Waunakee to back-to-back state title game appearances (2017, 2018), also serves as the President of the Wisconsin Lacrosse Coaches Association. 
Several programs have added Lacrosse for both boys and girls at the high school level in the Madison area, and now the addition of a collegiate program for both men and women will only help grow the sport. The sport has also seen tremendous growth at the youth levels, thanks to programs such as Waunakee Youth Girls Lacrosse.
"I'm thrilled that Edgewood College is adding a Women's Lacrosse team," Sam Hurd, Head Coach for Waunakee Youth Girls Lacrosse, said. "I'm very excited about the opportunities it's going to give our Lacrosse community. Most of the girls in this area have never seen a collegiate Lacrosse game and Edgewood College is going to provide a great environment for the community to come together and enjoy this amazing sport. Our young athletes can really dream big and see for themselves what it takes to play beyond high school. I know there's going to be lots of enthusiasm and support from the Madison Lacrosse community to make this program successful."
With the Eagles adding the sport, it will provide a great opportunity for young players to continue to learn the game from collegiate athletes. The excitement around the Madison Lacrosse community shows the need for a collegiate team in the area.

"Having a college Lacrosse team in our community will bring tremendous opportunities and resources to assist our areas youth and high school communities in providing a safe and sustainable future for the sport," Tim Olstad, Waunakee Girls Youth Lacrosse Director, said.
The Eagles conference affiliation for the sport is still to be determined.
A national search for the head coaches of the two programs is currently underway.