Convocation 2019 Marks a New Beginning for New Students

  • Thursday, Aug 22, 2019
Students in the Edgedome
Convocation marks the end of orientation for new students, and the start of a new academic year. At this year’s ceremony, hosted by senior Kim Rodriguez, new freshmen and transfer students heard from fellow students, and from Mary Ellen Gevelinger, O.P., the new Interim President of Edgewood College.

“Together you will be studying and learning together, sharing ideas, arguing aboutMary Ellen Gevelinger individual perspectives,” Gevelinger said. “Your amazing and talented professors will offer you many challenges this year, and you will discover new ways to consider the issues of the world… Students, the world needs you to help build a just and compassionate world. Let’s do that together this year, and well beyond.”

Sydney Wilcox, President of the Student Senate, shared a story that changed her perspective – and nearly derailed finals week her freshman year. An accident with boiling ramen noodles resulted in an unplanned visit to the emergency room on a very cold, wintry night. Sydney’s advice is less about microwave safety, and more about surrounding yourself with people who care about you, and making good use of the resources available to you.
Sydney Wilcox
“College is truly an adventure that has many unexpected events throughout,” Sydney said. “Some of these events might make you stop in your tracks and wonder, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’, “Why am I here and why am I doing this?’  I am not going to lie, college is difficult. But it’s these moments of questioning and impactful events that propel you forward in your next adventure.”

Alex Okelue, a sophomore Resident Assistant, offered a reflection as the Year of Partnership gets underway this Fall semester. 

“As I was in your shoes a year ago, I remember not knowing what to expect or what to do if and when difficulty came my way,” Alex said. “IAlex Okelue think I needed to hear, ‘You can’t spell college without a couple of L’s.’  There will be W’s – wins – no doubt, yet there may also be L’s - losses.  As you begin to transition to a new place, with new people, and new learnings, you will face trials and tribulations in your college experience. Perhaps a difficult class.  Trying to manage school, a job, sports, or relationships.  Within your own personal search for truth as you navigate college, your L’s in life and school with help humble and foster your appreciation for your W’s… I will share that one of the biggest factors in realizing my wins last year was the partnerships that formed as I shared my questions, gifts and vulnerabilities with those around me.”

“You can’t spell college without a couple of L’s,” Alex said. “But you can spell your time at Edgewood College with a ‘W.’”