New Telescope Offers Chance to Bring Art and Science Into Focus

  • Thursday, Sep 5, 2019

Madison, Wis. (September 5, 2019) – (UPDATE 10-4-19: The Oct. 5 event has been cancelled, due to a less-than-ideal forecast for stargazing.)

Edgewood College is pleased to announce a special opportunity for stargazers of all ages.

The College has planned two ‘observing nights’ where a new, 20” Obsession Dobsonian Telescope will be deployed at The Painted Forest in Valton, Wisconsin. The Painted Forest is a folk-art treasure that was gifted to the College by the Kohler Foundation in 2004. Valton, in rural Sauk County, offers night skies far from city lights, where the natural darkness is perfect for observing stars and other celestial bodies.

On two Saturdays, September 14 and October 5, 2019, the Department of Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics, and the Art Department, welcome interested community members to join students, faculty, and staff to explore the heavens with the new Obsession, which is manufactured in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

“This equipment adds to the array that our students access both in and out of the classroom,” Kylee Martens, Physics Instructor, said. “The possibilities for meaningful undergraduate research for our students continue to expand. It’s a plus that we are able to make an impact on our communities through this sort of outreach, as well.”

On each date, events get underway at The Painted Forest at 7:45 pm, and extend well into the evening. As this is a rural area, mobile phone coverage can be a challenge; visitors should plan on using a roadmap to reach Valton, Wis.