Psychology Students Present Semester Research Projects

  • Tuesday, Dec 21, 2021

Psychology Poster Symposium 2021

Madison, Wis. (December 10, 2021) - Undergraduate students from two Psychology classes celebrated their scholarly accomplishments at a Poster Symposium on December 6th.  At the event, some students presented a critical analysis of a research topic or shared their internship experience. Some students, who were in both classes, did both!

As part of their experience, all psychology students complete an internship. Some students choose to do a research project as that experience, while others work with local organizations in the psychology field.

“The Psychology Internship experience gives students an opportunity to learn about careers in Psychology, use their skills, and engage in meaningful work in the community,” said Tami Bahr, Substance Abuse Program Director, Internship Coordinator and Lecturer. “Students often describe this as one of their best experiences at Edgewood College.”

Student Internship presentations included experiences from a variety of organizations, including The Family Center, Triquestrian LLC, Equine Assisted Therapy, Marriage and Family Solutions, and Occupational Therapy: Madison Metropolitan School District.

Some of the research presentations included, “The Relationship between Pet Ownership and Wellbeing”, “Video Games and Development of Motor and Cognitive Skills”, “Psychedelics as Treatment for Depression”, and “The Long Term Impacts of Psychostimulant Usage.”

 "The best part of this event is watching our students own their knowledge and experience,” Ferrinne Spector, Associate Professor, said. “They come to our program and into this course with the sense that they are not qualified to have expertise, but they realize that they are the experts. We get to watch them develop this confidence and awareness in real time. And our community really showed up- family, friends, faculty, staff and even the president came to support and learn from these students.”


Psychology Poster Symposium 2021

Psychology Poster symposium 2021