ROSE Project Grows Outside of Madison

  • Tuesday, Dec 21, 2021

Carmen Schools - ROSE Project

Madison, Wis. (December 15, 2021) - The Resources and Opportunities in Science Education (ROSE) Project has expanded its roots! Since 2008, Edgewood College has partnered with community centers and schools throughout the Madison area to host science nights where families can participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities.

Earlier this year, Edgewood College partnered with Carmen Schools of Science and Technology, and the Milwaukee School of Engineering's WE Energies STEM Center, to host the first ROSE Project Night in Milwaukee. Parents and students observed a colony of bees, discussed bee ecology, and analyzed how keeping of bees safe is crucial for our well-being. Dr. Chelsea Cook, Assistant Professor at Marquette University, led the event with her graduate student, Justine Nguyen. 

“The ROSE Project has the potential to impact many more people in Madison and the greater Dane County area who have traditionally been underrepresented in science but who are interested in learning, exploring, and discovering science in everyday life,” said Sarah Stoehr, ROSE Project Coordinator. “ROSE also has a place for people who are determined to become science leaders in their communities but have not yet had an opportunity to do so. Next year, we hope to expand our funding sources and as a result, positively impact many more people with science.”

The ROSE Project plans to continue with their “Milwaukee Expansion” this Spring, according to Stoehr, and work on starting the first cohort of the Milwaukee Community STEM Fellows Program.