Edgewood College Adds Esports to Varsity Athletics Lineup

  • Thursday, Jan 13, 2022

Madison, Wis. (January 7, 2021) – Edgewood College is excited to announce the addition of Esports to its varsity athletics lineup. Athletic Director Al Brisback also announced that Danny Duchaj will serve as the Esports Head Coach and Program Director.

Esports, which is competitive video gaming, has become increasingly popular on college campuses, including Edgewood College. With it now set to be housed under athletics, Esports will provide more opportunities to help continue that growth on the Edgewood College campus.

"This is an exciting chapter in Eagle Athletics history," said Brisack.  "Varsity Esports is simply a great fit in Madison – a city that already has the successful XP Youth Esports League.  Danny is clearly the right person to build it up.  His collegiate basketball experience, passion for Esports, and experience building a program from scratch will allow us to have success quickly."

Duchaj will begin his role immediately and continue to oversee the club program for the remainder of the 2021-22 academic year, while he starts recruiting for the first competitive season in 2022-23.

"We are going to have a three-pronged system for Esports," said Duchaj. "Our foundation is going to be in the competitive scene with us competing against other schools in leagues and tournaments. The club side will allow players to come into Edgewood College and have a more recreational style with Esports. And the last part will be our educational side, which will be coaches teaching students, students teaching students, and us diving into more parts of Esports management."

Students who want to become involved in Esports can do so by completing this brief recruiting questionnaire