Summer Science Camps

Welcome to our Summer STEAM Camp page! The Office of Science Outreach is committed to giving your child another amazing in-person camp experience in 2024. Whether your child is a growing gamer, a budding biologist or a phenomenal physicist, there will be something eye-catching for students of all ages!

Please check back around the first week of February to view our camp 2024 offerings and to register your child for our educational (and really fun) summer STEAM camps.

Questions? Contact J. Benink at


Please note that the grade range for each camp listed in the table below corresponds with what grade your child will be going into in the fall.


Title Date Time Grade

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General Camp Information

Edgewood College’s Office of Science Outreach is here to bring the wonder of scientific discovery, the thrill of nature exploration, and the challenge of engineering design to the public.  Through our Summer Science Camps, your child will experience science and engineering with our faculty, students and associates, as we share our resources and expertise and learn something new about our world and ourselves.  Each camp is designed to best utilize the expertise of our unique staff. Many camps change frequently as we discover something new that would be cool to explore with your child.  Whether it is learning how to design new gadgets with electrical circuits, exploring other planets in search of life, or unraveling the mystery of the microbe, there is sure to be something to stimulate your child’s imagination and bring out their native curiosity and creativity.

Camp Age Ranges

Camps are created to fit the characteristic interests and abilities of a given age range while also providing opportunities for social interaction with their peers. Grade levels refer to the grade that your child will be entering in the Fall of 2022.  If you believe that your child’s needs would be better met in a camp outside of suggested grade level, please call the camp director to discuss the possibilities.

Lunch/Snack/Water Bottle

All camps are half-day in duration.  If you enroll your child in both a morning and afternoon camp in any given week, lunch supervision will be provided.  Send a sack lunch with your child as there will not be food for purchase.   There will be time to eat, explore and run around.  All campers should bring a refillable water bottle to camp each day.  A light mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack will be provided for each child.  If your child has food allergies please plan to send a snack along to avoid any issues with food reactions.  Serious allergies should be discussed with the camp director.

The Great Outdoors

All camps will undoubtedly have some portion of their time spent outdoors.  The amount of time depends on the specific camp.  This information will be given in the camp description or sent to you by the camp instructor after registration.  Use your judgement and the information provided for each camp to make decisions about hats, bug spray and sunscreen.


All camps will be very active and often messy.  Clothing that allows for active movement and that can get dirty are recommended.  Closed-toed shoes are the best bet as they are required in some labs and offer the best protection for out-of-doors excursions.  Some camps have specific requirements so please check individual camp descriptions for those.

Refund Policy

If we need to cancel a camp, you will be notified as soon as possible.  If another camp is open in your child’s age range and you want to simply move your child to that camp, we will happily do this for you.  If not, then your registration will be refunded.  If you need to withdraw your child from any/all camps, our refund structure is as follows:

  • Cancelling before March 13th, we will refund all but $25 per camp cancelled
  • Cancelling between March 14th and April 13th, we will refund all but $50 per camp cancelled
  • Cancelling between April 14th and May 9th, we will refund all but $100 per camp
  • Cancelling after May 9th, we will not offer any refunds at this point

We also recognize that emergencies can arise at any time.  We make every effort to accommodate the needs of families and will work with you in the case of an emergency.  These situations will be handled on a case by case basis. 

There are no partial refunds for missed days of camp.

Medical Forms

Completed medical forms must be submitted with your registration.  A space will not be reserved in the camp until the medical form has been submitted.   If your child has medical or other needs that will require special consideration or accommodations, please contact the camp director in advance so that we are sure to provide a safe and respectful environment for your child and others.