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Perfect Pitch Projects
Brief Introduction of Each Project Pitch

DIVE: Digging Into Value Everywhere by Ashley Ligman & Kristel Renn

Starting as a capstone project in the Social Innovation & Sustainability Leadership graduate program, this organization DIVE works to address sustainability in the community through events, education, and urban foraging with a goal of building awareness to create long-term behavior change in Madison. Its current monthly event Crafts & Crafts connects local artisans with community members to make crafts out of materials that would otherwise go to the landfill. DIVE relies on donations and collaborations with local business.


HERZ: Her Empowerment Race Zone by Natasha Sichula

This project introduces HERZ Movement (Her Empowerment Race Zone) into Zambia, in which admitted college female students work as life coaches to help high school girls discover their talents and use them to make a difference. The Zambian girls will make care packages for pregnant women in hospitals, make reusable sanitary products for high school girls, and convene an annual summit for networking with female public figures. With donations of reusable towels from hotels and some investment for sewing machines, the business will become self-sustainable by selling the care products to the targeted mothers and girls.


Immigrant Activists: Building Community in the Shadow of the Wall by Marie Treleven, Mindy Navarro, & Stephanie Florencio-Miranda

This story-telling project examines the ways in which activities from many walks of life have been working to support and protect immigrants in the borderlands. The stories include the proposers’ own observations and interviews made in Arizona, as well as from different organizations and in Madison. The proposers intend to understand how these informants become activists around immigrant issues, and how their work informs the larger debate around immigration.


Revive Financing by Amanda Greuel

Inspired by her own frustrating experiences in seeking for funding to treat substance use disorder, the proposer is establishing Revive Financing, a fast and reliable financing source for those in need. The loans will be backed by a peer supported lending platform for a small amount of interest paid by the borrowers, who will be screened for their desire to change and their will to recover for a higher rate of repayment. Once this financing model proves to work in this niche market, it will be applied to the healthcare lending field.


Dreaming in the Borderlands by Vivi Velasquez, Jahdai Guerrero, & Karina Alvarez Alvidrez

The proposers traveled to Arizona to observe and interview DREAMers from ASU, sanctuary activists, and religious women working around the issue of immigration. As a story-telling project, it examines the impacts of undocumented status on a student’s daily life in the Arizona borderlands from different perspectives, and compares the similarities and differences between them and their undocumented peers in Madison.


Trained to Grow, Inc. by Felix Giboney

Trained to Grow Inc (TTG Inc.), a nonprofit dedicated to encouraging, empowering and supporting youth, plans to establish the Trained To Grow Boy’s Home in the Madison Dane County area. This residential living facility will provide safety, encouragement, support and healing for the young African American males aged 14-18 in transitioning out of legal custody. By partnering with the Department of Human Services, Madison Metropolitan School District and other community partners, this Boy’s Home will help the targeted young males to become responsible and well prepared adults.


Obsession Dobsonian Construction Project by Melissa Sikes 

This project intends to build up an astronomy outreach program for Edgewood College Department of Chemistry, Geology and Physics (CGP) by taking full advantages of the currently under-used Dobsonian Obsession Telescope. The telescope will be placed in the Painted Forest, then a full study of this powerful tool will be made for writing an abbreviated handbook for amateur observers and students to use. Various outreach programs will be planned in addition to universe observation.