Information for PD students

All Professional Development courses are offered at the graduate level. Depending upon course rigor and content, PD courses may count towards a graduate degree (with advisor approval) or a licensing program in the School of Education. Other courses cannot count towards a degree.

All PD courses can be used towards WDPI license renewal and as evidence towards Professional Development Plans (PDPs).

To receive Edgewood College credit, participants have to complete an online application for each PD course. To complete the application, participants have to enter:

  • the Edgewood College course number
  • the Edgewood College course title,
  • the number of graduate credits you are applying for,
  • the start and end dates.

All of this information is provided by the course instructor.

Application for Professional Development Courses

PD tuition for the 2016-17 year is $175 per credit.

For tuition payment, Edgewood College accepts personal checks, business checks, cash, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA.

Upon successful completion of the PD course, grades are generally available in January, June or August, depending on when the course was completed and grades submitted.

Prospective PD students can also review the current Professional Development courses by going to this page and clicking on Course Search. Then, in Course Code, Begins With, enter EDP or WADA. 

Courses are added and withdrawn regularly; if you do not see what you are seeking, please contact a PD Team member.  A web page listing current PD courses is under construction.

More information

You are welcome to contact the PD staff for answers to any of your questions.  Contact us

And you can ask to receive the Participant Guide for Professional Development Courses.