Professional Development Courses

Listed below are all PD courses that have yet to hold their first class meeting. Courses Teachscape for Administrators and Teachscape for Educators might not be listed, but they are open at all times.  

If you're interested in a course and it is open to you, your first step is to contact us for more information:
       Kellie at 608.663.4225 or Jennie at 608.663.4253
In addition to the PD tuition, course fees apply to those not employed by the sponsoring district.

* Courses showing 0.00 credits are variable credit - one, two or three credits - based on student choice.

DIFFERENTIATION FOR ALL             - (EDP  744C      001            )MMSD and all others                          3.00Nov 15, 2016 - Jan 10, 2017
Learn to use six differentiation strategies that will benefit all of your students (increasing student engagement and learning).  You will have time each day to plan and collaborate with others and learn how to extend, compact or transform any lesson from a rigorous core lesson into a challenging lesson.  Meanwhile, your own understanding of the effects of differentiation on student learning will be enhanced.
MINDFULLNESS FOR BEGINNERS          - (EDP  745F      003            )MMSD only                                    1.00Nov 28, 2016 - Dec 12, 2016
This course will offer participants knowledge and skills in the practice of mindfulness. Time will be devoted to learning how to care for yourself and others through the many facets of mindfulness meditation and its direct implication and impact in living a more sane life.  Mindfulness is based on an understanding that life is mixed, having magnificent moments, and moments of challenge and disappointment.  What is important is the way in which we meet the moments of our lives, with as much  clarity, wisdom, and ease as possible. No prior mindfulness experience is required. Participants will also learn about mindfulness supports and resources for staff in MMSD.  These four days will be guided by experienced mindfulness instructors from the UW Health Mindfulness Program Services, both with experience teaching in schools.
NCSA: THE POWER OF LEADERSHIP       - (EDP  749C      001            )Open to all. Sep. Reg. Req.                  1.00Dec 02, 2016 - Dec 04, 2016
The National Conference on Student Activities brings together different groups of like-minded educators and activity directors (newly minted or veteran) for a weekend of learning, networking and fun. It is the goal of the National Association of Workshop Directors to inspire all participants during the three days of the conference so they will return to their schools or organizations and make the most significant difference possible in the lives of their students, colleagues, and community members.
ANALYZING STDT WORK-DIFF INST       - (EDP  771R      001            )DCNTP only                                   1.00Dec 06, 2016 - Dec 07, 2016
This course teaches instructional coaches how to use language, processes and an analyzing student work protocol to support teachers to strategically plan standards-based instruction.
USING DATA TO INFORM INSTRUCTION    - (EDP  771N      001            )DCNTP only                                   1.00Dec 14, 2016 - Dec 15, 2016
Mentors, according to PI-34, are to have input into the formative assessment of initial educators. This course is a two-day training in which mentors learn how to work with initial educators, especially as they consider brain research, as they examine student work and gather data.  Mentors will be provided with a tool and strategies for helping beginning teachers identify student needs, plan for differentiated instruction, and ensure equitable learning outcomes. Pre-Requisite: EDP 771B
EDCAMP MADISON                      - (EDP  772K      001            )open to all                                  1.00Jan 14, 2017 - Jan 14, 2017
Join educators from Wisconsin and neighboring states for a great day of learning; professional development the way it is meant to be.  Arrive with an idea for a session you would like to lead or just with an open mind ready to discuss.  Sessions are determined by the participants and you decide what is most relevant to you.  Sessions can explore, technology, best practices, hopes and dreams, or just a forum to get ideas.