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Quick Enroll - Course Catalogs and Enrollment

Questions & Answers

Q: How do I enroll in a Professional Development course? 
A: Click on the red box above to go to our Quick Enroll site where you can see all professional development courses, enroll in your chosen courses for graduate-level credit, and make payment for the credits. Please note that separate registration into the course is required, and not all courses are open to persons outside the sponsoring organization.

Q: How do I know if my online PD enrollment was successful? 
A: Upon successful enrollment, you will see an order confirmation and can view your own Order History. In addition, you will receive emails confirming enrollment and payment. 

Q: If I am currently an Edgewood College student, how do I apply for a PD course? 
A: You still have to enroll at the site mentioned above for each PD course, even if you are a current Edgewood College student.

Q: What is the cost of a PD graduate credit? 
A: PD tuition through the 2017 Spring Term is $175 per credit. Courses that begin after July, 1, 2017 will be $180 per credit.

Q: What form of payment can I use? 
A: You can make electronic payments from your checking or savings account (no service fee) or you can use a credit or debit card - American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa (2.75% service fee).

Q: How do I go about enrolling in a Professional Development course offered by organizations that I’m not connected to?
A: On the Quick Enroll site, each course description states to whom the course is open. Some "open" courses have a link to their registration site. You have to first register with the sponsoring organization of the course BEFORE you can enroll for the credit/s. If you have questions about registering to get a seat in a course, please use the inquire button on the Quick Enroll site, or contact Kellie at kmurphy@edgewood.edu or Jennifer at jmallen@edgewood.edu or Ken at ksyke@edgewood.edu.  

Q: What are the deadlines for enrolling and withdrawing from a PD course?
A: Enrolling: the deadline to apply is usually a week after the course is completed. On every course's description page, the Final Enrollment date is shown. 

Withdrawing: depending on when the withdrawal (drop) is initiated, an administrative fee could be applied. For more information, see the PD policies page.


Q: When and how do I get my official transcript and grade?
A: Grades are available a short time after the instructor provides the grades to PD. Two types of transcripts are available to current and former students: Official Transcripts ($8); and, unofficial transcripts (no charge). Click here to start the process. You can also see a list of your PD courses and grades at the Quick Enroll site where you enrolled in PD courses that occurred after January 31, 2017.