Why study Science & Mathematics at Edgewood College?

  • A major in science or mathematics is a major in critical thinking. You learn how to solve problems both in and out of classroom, which prepares you for a wide variety of exciting careers.
  • Most science and math classes have fewer than 20 students, which allows you to get to know your professors and classmates.
  • You will take classes from professors who care about teaching and are invested in the success of their students.
  • Our Dominican heritage is infused throughout the curriculum so that you will be able to explore how STEM majors can help to build a more just and compassionate world.


What is a STEM Learning Community?

  • Learning Communities will provide you with a network of like-minded students who share your interests. You have opportunities to explore majors and careers in science and/or mathematics early in your college career. Learning communities also allow you to make professional connections with faculty in your area(s) of interest and learn about resources that will help you succeed. 
  • You will take two or three courses as a cohort each semester during your first year at Edgewood College.
  • All Learning Community students take a one-credit “STEM Success Seminar”, which includes opportunities for mentoring, networking, learning about resources on campus, and exploring careers in STEM.
  • You'll choose from one of four focus areas:
  • Joining a particular Learning Community does not mean you are locked into a particular major, but it will allow you to explore your interest while also fulfilling general education requirements.

How do I join a STEM Learning Community?

  • Incoming students will be selected to join the Learning Communities based on their academic record from high school and an interest in studying one of the STEM fields at Edgewood College.
  • At Edgewood College, we define STEM to include our majors and/or programs in Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, Physics, Mathematics, and Computing & Information Sciences. This includes the interest areas of pre-engineering and pre-health, which are embedded in the above majors.

STEM Preview Day

Friday, February 8, 2019

Please join us for a special STEM Preview Day! Learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs at Edgewood College. Meet current students and faculty, tour facilities, and learn more about how a liberal arts education benefits a STEM major.

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For questions about the STEM Learning Communities, contact Dr. Rachael Lancor, Associate Professor of Physics rlancor@edgewood.edu.

Each summer, incoming freshman students, with an interest in science, have the opportunity to travel across the country in the weeks before the semester begins. On a recent trip, they visited Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Badlands and many other natural sites out west. Watch the video to learn more.