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What causes lightning? Can you cook a hotdog with the sun? How can prime numbers help to keep information safe on the internet? In the Physics & Mathematics Learning Community, you will explore the world by problem solving with mathematics. In physics, we apply mathematical techniques to understand and make predictions about the physical world on a fundamental level. Students in this learning community will take introductory physics and calculus together during their first year, as well as engage in social events and field trips that will help you to build a network of like-minded peers. This learning community is well-suited for students interested in physics, mathematics, or engineering.

First Year Curriculum

  Fall Spring
Cohort Courses
  • MATH 231 Calculus 1 (4 cr)
  • PHYS 130 General Physics 1 (4 cr)
  • PHYS 230 Problem Solving in Physics 2 (1 cr)
  • IC 115 STEM Success Seminar (1 cr)
  • MATH 232 Calculus 2 (4 cr)
  • PHYS 131 General Physics 2 (4 cr)
  • PHYS 231 Problem Solving in Physics 2 (1 cr)
  • IC 116 STEM Success Seminar (1 cr)
Recommended Courses
  • COR 1 seminar (3 cr)
  • COMMS 100 Intro to Communications (3 cr)
  • PHIL 101 Logic: Critical Thinking (3 cr)
  • ENG 110 College Writing (4 cr)

AP Placement

AP Credit will be granted for students who earn appropriate scores, as shown in the table below. Students who test out of Cohort Courses can still participate in the Learning Community.

AP Course Score Edgewood Course Equivalency
Calculus AB 3, 4, 5 MATH 231
Calculus BC 3, 4, 5 MATH 232
Physics 1 4, 5 PHYS 130
Physics 2 4, 5 PHYS 131
Physics C: Mechanics 4, 5 PHYS 201
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 4, 5 PHYS 202
Any Physics Exam 3 Elective Credit

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Collaborative Programs

Did you know that you can also take courses at UW-Madison? Edgewood students can take one class per semester at UW. This gives you an opportunity take a variety of physics, engineering, and/or mathematics classes beyond what we are able to offer at Edgewood. Click here to learn more about the UW Collaborative Program.

We also have a partnership at Madison College, which allows students to take courses in three technical programs: Renewable Energy, Electrical Engineering Technology, and Civil Engineering Technology. Courses taken in these program can be transferred back to Edgewood and count towards your degree. This allows student to balance their liberal arts education from Edgewood with technical skills that are in demand in the job market. Contact Rachael Lancor for more details.

Student Groups

Edgewood Science Society (ESS)

ESS is a student organization designed to promote community amongst science majors and students who take science courses. ESS members organize social events on campus, engage in community service, help support K-12 science activities, and plan field trips to see local or regional science exhibits.

Faculty Advisor
Professor Zachary Pratt