Marshall Hall

Marshall Hall

Marshall Hall, built in 1864 and expanded in 1963, is the only remaining building on campus from the early history of Edgewood College. The property was owned by Samuel Marshall, one of the original founders of M&I bank, eventually sold to Wisconsin Governor Cadwallader C. Washburn, and then finally donated to the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters in 1881 who began the transition of the property into what it is today. As the school grew, the historical Marshall building served many different purposes but starting in 1942, Marshall became a residence hall for the new 4-year college. Marshall Hall provides residence for 52 students with shared lounge spaces, kitchen and study areas. The hall is co-ed and is separated by halls within the dorm. One side of the building is female rooms with a shared bathroom and the other side is male rooms with a shared bathroom.

South Single


Average Room Dimensions

Female Single - Length: 11'3" Width: 11'3" Height: 8'3"


Each resident is provided an XL Twin size bed (mattress measures 36” X 80”). There will also be a desk and chair, dresser, and closet space provided for each resident.


There are two types of room set ups offered to these residents; single rooms and double rooms. The walls of the rooms are painted white to accommodate the residents’ choice of any color scheme so painting the rooms will not be permitted. All windows have adjustable blinds and an individual sink space. These rooms are also fully carpeted.