Sustainability and Social Innovation Cohort 9

Edgewood College
Social Innovation & Sustainability 
Continuing Education

Fall 2019

Servant Leadership for Social Change
Instructor: Carrie Sanders and Robert Toomey, Ed.D. 

Course Description: As the number and pace of complex, seemingly intractable social, economic, and environmental crises increase, servant leaders are needed to develop, launch, and sustain systems level solutions that really, truly make a difference – and quickly. Is it possible to lead systems-level social impact while serving the wellbeing and growth of those who stand to be impacted most? This is what we will explore and practice  in the course: Servant Leadership for Social Change. This class is for those who find themselves drawn to lead system-level innovation to solve complex social issues.

The course is focused on understanding why and how the mindset, language, and practice of servant leadership amplifies and accelerates the work of leaders who aspire to lead system-level social change to solve the world’s most divergent and complex problems. Through four (4) in-person sessions complemented with robust online content,  participants will take a deep look at listening, persuasion, conceptualization, and foresight – four characteristics of servant leaders who inhabit the “thin place” at the intersection of social impact and servant leadership.  

Course participants are asked to reflect on whether and to what extent their practice of servant leadership offers opportunities to more rapidly, more effectively, and more justly engage in positive social change. Each student will complete a StrengthsFinders assessment and use their results as a tool to recognize and grow their own strengths and the strengths of others. Students will then engage in a guided, semester-long mini-experiment that offers a chance to practice servant leadership as a means to advance social change. Students will share their mini-experiment journey at the final class meeting, December 7th.
Dates and Time: Saturdays 9am-2pm: Sept. 14, Oct. 26th, Nov. 23rd, Dec. 7th 
Location: Edgewood College, Monroe St. Campus. Room TBD

Cost: $1,175 (corporate rate); $875 for Non-profit and Government organizations (materials and lunch included)
Optional graduate credit:  This course is eligible for 3 graduate credits at an additional cost of $190 per credit.

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Introduction to Mindful Leadership: Essential Skills for Leading in a Complex World
Instructor: Lisa Baker, Ph.D. 
Course Description:
In this course, participants will learn how mindfulness concepts and practices can help us cultivate our natural abilities to lead with excellence. This course provides an exploration of mindfulness practices aimed at cultivating greater awareness, focus, clarity, and compassion – qualities that enhance our ability as leaders to create safe and trusting environments. We will explore how to apply these qualities to enhance our professional and personal lives, including creating more diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments. This course is experiential and applied, where participants will engage in mindfulness practices, inquiry, and dialogue. A variety of highly relevant and empirically-supported frameworks, theories, practices, and concepts are interwoven throughout the course, including Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry, Process-Oriented Psychology, Neuroscience of Mindfulness/Meditation, and Emotional and Social Intelligence. 
Intentions/Objectives: Through participating in this course, participants will:
  • Establish a regular (daily) mindfulness practice, including informal practice at work, supporting an understanding of different practices and what they can support
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how mindfulness can enhance our sense of self as leaders and our impact we make on the world. 
  • Decreased stress-related complaints and increased self-efficacy in handling stress and challenges
  • Greater understanding of some ways that mindfulness supports different leadership approaches and styles.
Dates and Time: Saturdays: Sept. 28, Oct. 12, Nov. 9
Location: Edgewood College, Monroe St. Campus. Room TBD
Cost: $695

Optional graduate credit:  This course is eligible for 3 graduate credits at an additional cost of $190 per credit.

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